Cardboard printing machines

Cardboard printing machines are devices that are generally used in the packaging industry and are designed to print on various cardboard materials. These machines are used to create prints that are often used on the packaging of commercial products. These machines can handle a range of processes from simple box designs to complex, color prints.

Cardboard presses often use a variety of techniques for the printing process. These typically include offset, flexo, gravure, and digital printing technologies:

  1. Offset Printing: This type of printing works by first transferring an image onto a cylinder and then onto cardboard. This process is generally suitable for large volume prints.
  2. Flexo Printing: Flexo printing uses a flexible embossing pattern and can usually print on many different materials such as plastic, foil, cardboard and paper.
  3. Gravure Print: This type of print works by engraving a picture onto cardboard. This process is generally suitable for more complex and detailed prints.
  4. Digital Printing: Digital printing uses laser or inkjet printers controlled by a computer. This process is generally suitable for small volume prints and facilitates customized prints.

Cardboard presses are often very large and complex machines and their operations often require technical training. The cost of these machines can vary greatly depending on the technology used, the size and capacity of the machine.