DVM350 Digital Varnish Module

Digital embellishment for your labels


Discover the amazing possibilities of digital embellishing of labels!

The DVM350 Digital Varnish Module enables the creation of astonishing varnish and foil effects, tactile finishes, dimensional effects and embossing embellishments. Being perfect for short runs, it offers no tooling costs, no substrate waste, variable data, personalization, and significantly reduced lead times.



Make your labels truly unique and stand out from other products on the shelves. Enhance the experience with tactile effects and personalized information or variable data.

DVM350 uses the latest inkjet technology in our existing converting units and makes room for unlimited creativity in decorating labels. The module offers exciting new printing capabilities and can carry out any combination of decorative processes in one pass, such as digital foiling with a 3D effect, spot coating, tactile screen and braille printing.

This innovative solution is based on special UV ink heads, that are compatible with all materials, even natural ones and without special pre-treatment for printing. This makes it an excellent digital alternative to traditional screen printing as it operates on-demand and requires no long and tedious preparation processes.


With this technology, you can create top-quality labels with new added values at a reduced cost:

  • matte or glossy effects
  • digital spot coating
  • digital embossing with high build varnish
  • tactile decoration increasing the aesthetic impression
  • metallic and hologram effects with foils
  • warning triangles
  • braille printing


  • Total flexibility
  • No tools are required
  • FAST! Typical 2x speed of the conventional screen
  • Immediate job change
  • Extremely competitive cost
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Material savings during start-up
  • Prints fine details, sharp texts or graphics
  • Flawless high-build solid areas and protective coatings
  • Complete ready-to-use system with a full workflow solution
  • In the case of low volumes or urgent on-demand orders, it perfectly replaces screen printing.

The DVM350 can be added to any new GM converter or be retrofitted to an existing machine.

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Web width200 – 350 mm8 – 14”
Substrate thickness100 – 250 μm4 – 10 pt.
Speed max50 m/min164 ft/min
Build heightsup to 300 µm
*with double print bar
Grey levelsup to 8 
Print resolution720 dpi 
Drop sizes6 - 40 pl 
Ink typeUV varnish 

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Engages the sense of touch with tactile decoration

Tactile embellishment

Prevents accidents thanks to warning triangles on special labels

Helps the blind people thanks adding Braille

Enhances products' look with dimensional effects on labels


*The above photos are courtesy of XAAR