HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil

HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil


Hot stamping with gold, silver or holographic effects combined with embossing gives great embellishment results to the labels.

GM HOTFB330 with 50-ton precision hot stamping offers all these finishing effects in one small device. The machine can be used for foil stamping, embossing or one pass foil & embossing giving you the possibility to produce high-quality labels.



The best way to impress consumers is the right combination of quality and beauty, and this is where the HOTFB330 flatbed hot stamp unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik will help you out. The HOTFB330 is an innovative unit that will give your labels an impressive and unique look and feel. On the matter of the quality of hot stamping, the flatbed is the best choice, and on the matter of beauty, the HOTFB330 can add intricate details of gold, silver or even holograms to your labels.

Furthermore, the HOTFB330 is no one-trick pony — it does both hot foil and cold embossing to serve all your hot foil stamping and printing needs. Advanced features such as foil saver, servo-register and electronic temperature control and BST web-guide come as standard with these benchmark-quality hot foil stamping and printing machines.


  • Servo register system for printed marks or optional label gap sensor
  • BST ultrasonic web guide.
  • Easy loading of plate and counter plate in the hot state
  • Graphical touch screen with label counter, meter counter, alarms & more
  • Easy web access and maintenance
  • Runs offline or inline with other GM converting machines


Foil and emboss

Emboss and foil in one tool. The precision of the GM flatbed system supports combo tools that foil and emboss in one go. This ensures perfect registration between the foiling and embossed features on the label.

Mix colours and effects

Create amazing effects using multiple foil streams with different colours or effects. Gold & Silver are classics, but special effects like clear foils for gloss imitations and high gloss signature black is popular as well.


Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 - 330 mm 2 - 13"
Substrate 50 - 200 µm 2 - 8 pt.
Stamp speed Up to 35 m/min Up to 115 ft/min
Stamp plate 304.8 x 330 mm 12 x 13"
Plate thickness 5 - 15 mm 0.2 - 0.6"
Plate material Magnesium, brass, copper, polymer
Foil unwind & rewind 25.4 or 76.2 mm 1 or 3"
Diameter max. Ø600 mm 23.6"
Core diameter 76.2 or 152.4 mm 3 or 6"
Diameter max. Ø500 mm 19.7"
Core diameter 25 - 152 mm 1 - 6"
Power / Air 3x400V+N+PE, 25A, 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2.2 x 1.3 x 1.9 m  7.3 x 4.1 x 6.2 ft

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All GM Industry 4.0 certified machines are built to be cloud connected for easy remote diagnostics and connection to various production systems (MIS).

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